Urban Decay ‘Moondust’ Eye Shadow Palette


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I recently purchased the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow palette and I can not wait to try it out. I have not tried it out as of yet but I am going to let you know what my first impressions are.

The case is lovely on its own with the textered glitter and once it is open you get to see all the enchanting glittery eyeshadows.

My favourite kind of eyeshadows are sparkly so this palette is perfect, it is just what I need in my life as just looking at them you can see how sparkly they are going to be. The eyeshadows look also bright and pigmented, I imagine there will be some fall out but I think my Bodyshop eyeshadow brush we work really well with them and I am really looking forward to trying them out.

Looking at the colours without using them I really like the look of element,  galaxy and granite. I am really looking forward to using this palette and it will definetly be included in another of my blogs.

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading.


My Favourite Parts of 2016


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I have not blogged in a while and I have decided that I am going to try and blog a little bit more this year. Last year had its ups and downs but it was generally a good year and to start this year off I am going to give you a rundown of everything I enjoyed.

I am going to write them in order of my favourite to my most favourite, I hope you enjoy…


When I left my previous position as a leaving gift I had two tickets to watch Disney on Ice, Frozen so myself and my very good friend, Niki  who I used to work with got on the train and went to watch it.

I had a lovely day and enjoyed a long overdue catchup with a very good friend. We spent the day talking, laughing and singing preparing ourselves for the disney experience.

We arrived in Birmingham and took a steady stroll to the Barclay card arena. Once we reached the arena we walked around the restaurants and decided to have some food at Ed’s Easy Diner which was lovely. I have an egg allergy so I struggle to eat in a lot of places (you would be surprised at what has egg in) and I am never able to have desserts and in Ed’s Easy Diner I could eat the Chocolate Brownie and it was yummy!!


After some food we went into the arena and found our seats and waited for the show to start. The seats were great, we were not in the centre but had a perfect view of all the stage. The show started with Mickey and Minnie introducing other Disney characters  and explaining that love and friendship are the most amazing powers of all, which I agree with as where would be all be without the love and support from our friends and families!!


Disney is one of my favourite things  and it always makes me feel happy!! when they started leaving the ice I started to get even more excited as I knew it was about to start!


It began with Elsa and Anna on stage skating to ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ when I heard the start of the song I looked at Niki and smiled and she said it was as if she had taken a child!!



It sounds very silly but when Hans come on the scene I was very upset and wanted to shout ‘Anna don’t trust him’ but of course I controlled myself and did not.


My favourite part was definitely the Fixer Upper song. It is my favourite song from the movie and I was intrigued to see how it would be done on ice and I was not disappointed. They had boulders rolling round the stage at the beginning (they were not boulders but I am not sure what else to call them) and then the trolls come out and started to sing and skate it was perfect I even joined in on the song 🙂


It was a lovely show and the ice skaters all did an amazing job. I would definitely return to another disney on Ice and recommend everyone to go and watch as a family or a group of friends!!

I maybe 25 but you are never to old for a bit of Disney! It was a fantastic show and I couldn’t of asked for a better leaving present.


myself and my best friend Sarah went to Cardiff to watch Busted and it one of my favourite nights with her. She is someone I do not see often but when I do it is like nothing has changed.

I liked Busted growing up and had a couple of their albums but Sarah loved them and when she asked me to go with her I could not say no. I had not really looked into the concert and was not sure what to expect, the only thing I had ensured was that there was a train into Cardiff for the right time and a train home.

When we arrived at the concert we went to see what merchandise was available where I noticed a number of Wheatus tops, I looked at Sarah and said are Wheatus supporting Busted, she looked at me blankly so I pointed out the tops to her. She looked just as shocked as I did, we both looked at the lady behind the store and shouted WHEATUS which she just nodded at and we were both so excited!!

We went in and found aspot to stand, it was but the side of the stage but we saw everything. We had brought a handful of drinks so we would not have to go to bar (but maybe the toilet) and waited for the show the start.

When Wheatus entered the stage I could not of been happier! I was more excited about seeing them than Busted, it was a great unplanned surprise

I had a little too much to drink, danced and jumped way to much and after, while waiting for the train, went clubbing with a tote bag full of Busted and Wheatus merchandise from the concert it was fab.


Saturday 22nd January myself, my partner, sister, brother-in-law and mum surprised my dad with a weekend away in Rome for my Dad’s 60th birthday and I have never been more excited about visiting a country (well I visited Florida when I was 9 and I was probably just as excited then). We saw some beautiful sites and made amazing memories.

While sitting in the airport we showed my Dad a Rome travel guide which is when he presented us with an envelope which he had written a guess at where we were going at the beginning of the week. It turned out not to be much of a surprise as during a car journey with my mum she had, without realising, mentioned about our trip to Rome, to which we all laughed. Apparently at the time it was mentioned he did not know about us planning to take him away and was very confused at what she had meant.

The food was fantastic, I did not have a bad meal once and the sites were beautiful! Everywhere you looked there was something you did not want to miss. I am definitely going to return there one day.

We visited The Vatican City, Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, The Mouth of Truth and many many more. The Vatican was amazing it was so big and beautiful with so much history, I will say though at one point I did not think we were going to get out. My favourite part was the Colosseum, it was magical being somewhere that I had learnt so much about in school and being able to see something and remembering everything that I had been told it was great . If or when I go back to Rome I would definitely spend more time at the Colosseum and ensure I took everything in.

It was a perfect start to 2016.


Myself and my partner at the end of the year decided to have a weeks holiday as we had not had time off together that much over the year so we booked a weeks holiday to Amadores Beach, Gran Canaria and it was a holiday I would never forget. 

We have been on holiday to Gran Canaria for the last 3 years and wanting to try somewhere knew decided we would stick with Gran Canaria as we knew where we were going and new what we would want to do as we were only going away for 7 days and would rather have 14 days visiting somewhere new. 

We arrived at a lovely hotel unpacked and went for food at Ciao Beach and watched the sunset, it was lovely. Having been up since 2am went back to the hotel and was in bed and asleep by 7pm and woke at around 7am the next morning feeling very refreshed.

We had a lovely relaxing day on the balcony sunbathing and in the evening walked along the beach and went for something to eat, Dan wanted to go down to beach and watch the sunset again but due to having to do my makeup I was not ready in time, Oops. after a lovely meal we went back to the hotel and sat on the balcony drinking sangria (my favourite holiday cocktail). While sitting on the balcony Dan brought a little red box, to my complete shock, and asked me to marry him which I replied YES!!!

I was so excited and just sat looking at the ring, apparently I looked like Gollum. We both sent messages and photos to our families to let them know although they were all aware as Dan had spoken to them before we left :).

It was a beautiful surprising holiday with to much food and alcohol but overall very relaxing which we wanted it to be and it will be a holiday I will not forget.

So yes I am now engaged to be married, we are both saving to buy a home together so we know the wedding will not be around the corner but it is something we can both look forward to and begin planning together.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoyed my favourite parts of 2016!


S Factor ~ TIGI


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imageI needed some new shampoo and conditioner and when I went to buy the TIGI, S Factor Diamond Dreams they were giving away a free makeup brush, key ring and makeup bag away.

I was really pleased with this as you can never have enough makeup brushes and bags. The brush is a Spectrum brush, it is not a brush I would of picked for myself as I do not like the feel of the bristles but it has become a brush I use regularly as it works really well with my Geurlain Meteorites Pearl Powder, I now love it.

The makeup bag has a little pocket on the inside which is great for  when carrying around in your handbag as you can slot a lipstick in the side pocket as then when you want to reapply your lipstick you do not need to search around the makeup bag to find and reapply when on the move.




Meteorites Base Perfecting Primer – Guerlain


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At the beginning of the year I went to Rome for my Dads 60th birthday and on the way home I was looking around the airport when I come across the Geurlain Meteorites Base. It looked so lovely and I just new I had to add it to my makeup collection.

It is a gel formula and  I think it smells like the sweets palm or violets, I love it, once applied to the face and given time to dry it has a very smooth finish. It has bits of glitter within the gel which gives a very soft glow to the skin.

The product does not cover all of my imperfections as I do suffer with spots so require some sort of concealer but it does help even out some of my acne scaring and uneven skin tones.


I had never heard of Geurlain before and I really wish I had as from this primer it has become my favourite makeup brand. I felt so lucky as a few days after buying this I went into  a local drug store in my town called Chave and Jacksons which sells different types of makeup brands and spotted a Geurlain stand which had not been there for very long. I  have tried other Geurlain products since and loved them all as much.

This product is pricey but totally worth it, you only need one pump and it applies evenly to your face and the bottle lasts up to six or seven months. I am currently on my second bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing this again again. I love it.

Bodyshop Brushes


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When I first started getting into make up my Body Shop brushes were one of my first buys. There wasn’t many places you could buy brushes from in Hereford at the time and when searching for something decent they looked the best.

The bristles are starting to stick out at the sides but they are still great brushes and I love them very much and use them regularly. I have not got them all but I have got most. The brushes I use the most are the…

Foundation brush – This was my first foundation brush I had and one I still use very often. It is perfect for any liquid foundation and gives the perfect flawless finish.

Face and body brush – I use this brush for applying powder and bronzer onto my face and neck, I believe you can also apply to the décolletage. It really makes application of powders easy to apply.

Slanted kabuki brush – This is a good quality brush which adds powder to the face and neck fabulously. The slanted design makes sculpting or layering really easy.

Eyeshadow brush – A firm but soft brush that adds cream or powder eyeshadows to the eye lid evenly. It applies the colour perfectly and intensively and has very  little product fall out which is great.

Blending brush – A great brush for applying powder eyeshadows. I use this brush to blend my eyeshadows together or adding eyeshadow to the eye lid.

The blending brush and eyeshadow brush work really well together.

Slanted brush – This is great for adding eyeshadow around the eyes to make them really pop. It is also great for defining the eye. Sometimes I use this for my eyebrow powder which it works wonderfully for too.

Blusher brush – Perfect for any blusher and you can also use for contouring. It glides across the face and gives a perfect finish.

Bronzing brush – This is one of my favourite brushes for bronzing. It is easy to apply with and it distributes evenly.

Smokey poppy blush brush – This is another great Blusher brush, I use this when I want to add a bit of blusher to my cheeks. Not only is it  great brush it looks really pretty.

I do use the rest of the brushes but not as regularly and they are..

Lipstick and concealer brush – I use this to add eyeshadow to the corners of the eye.

Minerals brush – Another great brush to add powder on minerals.

Smudger brush – I use this brush the least but when I put to much eyeshadow on this helps to calm the colour down.

Brow and lash brush and comb – I use this brush to comb my eyebrows I do not tend to comb my eyelashes as it scares me a little hehe.

My favourite brushes to use are the foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, bronzing, smokey poppy blush and the face and body.

I would definitely recommend these brushes as they are still great and I have had them for ages and they are still as good as good as new.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed 😊


Everyday Makeup


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Today I have a day off  work and I am trying to keep calm due to having a job interview this afternoon. I have decided to do a blog of my everyday make up routine to give me a break from prepping for my interview, so here it goes.

This is the look I pretty much do for work everyday as it is not to much and very basic. I begin with my base which is a moisturiser and then a primer and today I used the Nivea Express Hydration Primer which is both. It smells lovely and dries really quick which is perfect when you are in a rush.


Once the moisturiser has absorbed I begin with my foundation, concealer and eye primer. Firstly I put my Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eyeshadow Base, I have had this for a while now and will be needing something new very soon, I do not think I will be repurchasing this, I like it as a product but it is not my favourite thing to use.

I pop a little of the Estée Lauder Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer under my eyes which covers my dark circles perfectly, I am using number 03 medium. I blend this in with my Acevivi tapered brush.

The foundation I am using at the moment is the Geurlain Parure De Lumiere which I love. It covers my spots and matches my skin tone perfectly it also lasts all day. I used my Acevivi flat foundation brush to apply as I love the way it works with my foundation.

I do suffer with acne and at the moment it is quite bad so I am using the Benefit Boiing concealer for a little extra coverage, I am using this in 02. To apply this I use my Laura Mercier double ended Counceler Brush, the one side is for the powder concealer but it works perfectly fine with this, I then blend it in with the Acevivi flat foundation brush. I sometimes use my Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer for this to.


The next part I focus on is my eye makeup, I have been using my MUA Makeup Acadamy eyeshadow palette recently which I received in my glossybox. I find the colours are not to bright which I prefer for work. The shades I have been using are Puff as the base I use my Laura Mercier All Over Eye Colour brush for this, Hazel on the crease and a little above which I use my Real Techniques 200 brush and Tawny on the lid and I use the Base Shadow Real Techniques Brush as it blendes the colour in.

I used my Guerlain Khol Me Kajal eyeliner for my waterline as again this is not to much and my Black Magic Mascara for my eyelashes which I received in this months Birch Box and I love it.

Today for my eyebrows I have used my Studio 10 Eyebrow pencil which I received in a Glossybox. I used my Bodyshop Brow/Lash Comb and my Double Ended Laura Mercier Brow Definer & Grooming brush for this.


So I then move onto my powder, today I used my Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder, number 08 Desert Beige. I use the sponge that comes with this to put all over my face, I then just go over with the Real Techniques 103 brush to blend in a little.

The bronzer I used is the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 02 medium as it isn’t to dark. I applied this with my Acevivi round powder brush and Real Techniques Multi-Task brush.

Today I used my Bodyshop Fresh Sorbet Blush, colour Cuban Watermelon 025 as I wanted a bit of a glow.

To highlight I used my Collection Speedy Highlighter which was received in my Glossybox also. I use this on my cheekbones and sometimes down the middle of my nose.


Lastly lips, I used my Next Make Me Beautiful in Hot Pink. Again I received this in my Glossybox. I have not used this so it will be interesting to see what it is like.


The finished look…


Apologies for my brushes not being cleaned, they are due a clean some point this week.

Thank you gor reading I hope you enjoyed 😊

Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner


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I recently found and fell in love with Guerlain makeup and what first caught my eye was how it all looked so lovely. I imagine in my future blogs I may talk about their products quite a lot.


The first product I am going to blog about is the liquid eyeliner I recently purchased, It cost £28.00 and I brought this from a Guerlain counter in a lovely little drugstore called Chave and Jacksons in the town where I live.


I had been using the same liquid eyeliner for a while and although I loved it I still wanted to try something new. After hearing lots of good things about other products and not knowing what to chose I decided  to give Guerlains liquid eyeliner a whirl as I had loved everything else I had brought and I am so glad I did.

This is another beautiful presented Gerlain product. It comes in a frosted glass bottle and a lovely gold lid/cap.


The ultra-fine brush and long handle made it precise and easy to apply. It lasted all day and was smudge proof, which is great and just what everyone needs. The liquid had a lovely shine and is the perfect finish to eye makeup. Although pricey I will definitely be repurchasing this product.


I would definitely recommend this product to someone wanting to try something new.

Thank you for reading 😊

Lily of the Valley 



The delicate flower Lily of the Valley!

Just a short blog to show you this lovely however poisonous flower.. 

It has a very sweet scent and I think they always look very pretty. My Grandmother always grows them in her garden so you can always guarantee we will have a couple at some point to make the living room look and smell lovely. . 

Thank you for reading this very short blog 😊 

Urban Decay ~ Alice In Wonderland


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I recently went into town with my lovely sister and while walking around Debenhams I noticed the beautiful Urban Decay eyeshadow palette inspired by the movie Alice Through The Looking Glass. I stood admiring this for some time while struggling to decide wether I should treat myself. I spoke to the Urban Decay rep and she said that the Hereford store was one of the last stores with them in and there were only a few left, this helped me reach my decision and the palette is now part of my eyeshadow collection.


You open the top flap and there is  shiny mirror and two little doors which you lift and there is a butterfly which the wings rise up from. This really made me smile and I don’t know why but I thought it was quite magical and perfect for a Disney eyeshadow palette.

I have not yet used this and I am not sure if I want to as it all looks so perfect. All the colours are wonderful and there are a variety, I  cannot stop looking at them. Their names are all linked in with The film which is very good

Looking at the colours I am not sure which ones will become my favourites but I like the look of Heads Will Role, Paradox, Salazen Grum, Dream On and Time. Most of these are sparkly which I like my eyeshadow to be and Urban Decay are great for this.


I really love this palette and I haven’t even used it yet. I don’t want to use it up to quickly so will only be using this for special occasions. I know this will become one of my favourites to use and I am very excited about using it for the first time which will be on my cousins 18th.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!! 🤗

You Can Never Have Enough Makeup Brushes!


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As I mentioned in my first blog I have a slight obsession with makeup so I have decided to start blogging about this. Hope you enjoy!!

I felt like I needed, but probably didn’t some new concealer or foundation brushes. I could not really afford anything to pricey and when looking online I found some Acevivi brushes on Amazon at £6.99 and you would get a total of ten. I had never heard of this make before so looked online at some reviews and all in all they sounded pretty good.

They arrived really quickly and I could not wait to try them. When I opened the packaging I noticed some of the bristles were to long or curling out at the sides, which I was not pleased with. I trimmed them down and they seemed to be quite nice brushes.

The brushes were:

  • Round powder brush
  • Angled brush
  • Flat angled brush
  • Tapered brush
  • Flat foundation brush
  • Small angled brush
  • Precision round brush
  • Small flat angled brush
  • Small flat brush
  • Small tapered brush

After using these brushes I become really pleased with them. They were soft and the flat foundation brush worked really well with my foundation. Once I trimmed them down they were perfectly fine and have become part of my daily routine.

I was a bit worried about cleaning them as I was not sure if some of the bristles would come out or if they would dry normally but they were perfectly fine.
I would definitely recommend these to someone who is not looking for anything to expensive or if you are just starting out with makeup as they are easy to use.

Thank you for reading 😌