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When I first started getting into make up my Body Shop brushes were one of my first buys. There wasn’t many places you could buy brushes from in Hereford at the time and when searching for something decent they looked the best.

The bristles are starting to stick out at the sides but they are still great brushes and I love them very much and use them regularly. I have not got them all but I have got most. The brushes I use the most are the…

Foundation brush – This was my first foundation brush I had and one I still use very often. It is perfect for any liquid foundation and gives the perfect flawless finish.

Face and body brush – I use this brush for applying powder and bronzer onto my face and neck, I believe you can also apply to the décolletage. It really makes application of powders easy to apply.

Slanted kabuki brush – This is a good quality brush which adds powder to the face and neck fabulously. The slanted design makes sculpting or layering really easy.

Eyeshadow brush – A firm but soft brush that adds cream or powder eyeshadows to the eye lid evenly. It applies the colour perfectly and intensively and has very  little product fall out which is great.

Blending brush – A great brush for applying powder eyeshadows. I use this brush to blend my eyeshadows together or adding eyeshadow to the eye lid.

The blending brush and eyeshadow brush work really well together.

Slanted brush – This is great for adding eyeshadow around the eyes to make them really pop. It is also great for defining the eye. Sometimes I use this for my eyebrow powder which it works wonderfully for too.

Blusher brush – Perfect for any blusher and you can also use for contouring. It glides across the face and gives a perfect finish.

Bronzing brush – This is one of my favourite brushes for bronzing. It is easy to apply with and it distributes evenly.

Smokey poppy blush brush – This is another great Blusher brush, I use this when I want to add a bit of blusher to my cheeks. Not only is it  great brush it looks really pretty.

I do use the rest of the brushes but not as regularly and they are..

Lipstick and concealer brush – I use this to add eyeshadow to the corners of the eye.

Minerals brush – Another great brush to add powder on minerals.

Smudger brush – I use this brush the least but when I put to much eyeshadow on this helps to calm the colour down.

Brow and lash brush and comb – I use this brush to comb my eyebrows I do not tend to comb my eyelashes as it scares me a little hehe.

My favourite brushes to use are the foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, bronzing, smokey poppy blush and the face and body.

I would definitely recommend these brushes as they are still great and I have had them for ages and they are still as good as good as new.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed 😊