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As I mentioned in my first blog I have a slight obsession with makeup so I have decided to start blogging about this. Hope you enjoy!!

I felt like I needed, but probably didn’t some new concealer or foundation brushes. I could not really afford anything to pricey and when looking online I found some Acevivi brushes on Amazon at £6.99 and you would get a total of ten. I had never heard of this make before so looked online at some reviews and all in all they sounded pretty good.

They arrived really quickly and I could not wait to try them. When I opened the packaging I noticed some of the bristles were to long or curling out at the sides, which I was not pleased with. I trimmed them down and they seemed to be quite nice brushes.

The brushes were:

  • Round powder brush
  • Angled brush
  • Flat angled brush
  • Tapered brush
  • Flat foundation brush
  • Small angled brush
  • Precision round brush
  • Small flat angled brush
  • Small flat brush
  • Small tapered brush

After using these brushes I become really pleased with them. They were soft and the flat foundation brush worked really well with my foundation. Once I trimmed them down they were perfectly fine and have become part of my daily routine.

I was a bit worried about cleaning them as I was not sure if some of the bristles would come out or if they would dry normally but they were perfectly fine.
I would definitely recommend these to someone who is not looking for anything to expensive or if you are just starting out with makeup as they are easy to use.

Thank you for reading 😌