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I have not blogged in a while and I have decided that I am going to try and blog a little bit more this year. Last year had its ups and downs but it was generally a good year and to start this year off I am going to give you a rundown of everything I enjoyed.

I am going to write them in order of my favourite to my most favourite, I hope you enjoy…


When I left my previous position as a leaving gift I had two tickets to watch Disney on Ice, Frozen so myself and my very good friend, Niki  who I used to work with got on the train and went to watch it.

I had a lovely day and enjoyed a long overdue catchup with a very good friend. We spent the day talking, laughing and singing preparing ourselves for the disney experience.

We arrived in Birmingham and took a steady stroll to the Barclay card arena. Once we reached the arena we walked around the restaurants and decided to have some food at Ed’s Easy Diner which was lovely. I have an egg allergy so I struggle to eat in a lot of places (you would be surprised at what has egg in) and I am never able to have desserts and in Ed’s Easy Diner I could eat the Chocolate Brownie and it was yummy!!


After some food we went into the arena and found our seats and waited for the show to start. The seats were great, we were not in the centre but had a perfect view of all the stage. The show started with Mickey and Minnie introducing other Disney characters  and explaining that love and friendship are the most amazing powers of all, which I agree with as where would be all be without the love and support from our friends and families!!


Disney is one of my favourite things  and it always makes me feel happy!! when they started leaving the ice I started to get even more excited as I knew it was about to start!


It began with Elsa and Anna on stage skating to ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ when I heard the start of the song I looked at Niki and smiled and she said it was as if she had taken a child!!



It sounds very silly but when Hans come on the scene I was very upset and wanted to shout ‘Anna don’t trust him’ but of course I controlled myself and did not.


My favourite part was definitely the Fixer Upper song. It is my favourite song from the movie and I was intrigued to see how it would be done on ice and I was not disappointed. They had boulders rolling round the stage at the beginning (they were not boulders but I am not sure what else to call them) and then the trolls come out and started to sing and skate it was perfect I even joined in on the song 🙂


It was a lovely show and the ice skaters all did an amazing job. I would definitely return to another disney on Ice and recommend everyone to go and watch as a family or a group of friends!!

I maybe 25 but you are never to old for a bit of Disney! It was a fantastic show and I couldn’t of asked for a better leaving present.


myself and my best friend Sarah went to Cardiff to watch Busted and it one of my favourite nights with her. She is someone I do not see often but when I do it is like nothing has changed.

I liked Busted growing up and had a couple of their albums but Sarah loved them and when she asked me to go with her I could not say no. I had not really looked into the concert and was not sure what to expect, the only thing I had ensured was that there was a train into Cardiff for the right time and a train home.

When we arrived at the concert we went to see what merchandise was available where I noticed a number of Wheatus tops, I looked at Sarah and said are Wheatus supporting Busted, she looked at me blankly so I pointed out the tops to her. She looked just as shocked as I did, we both looked at the lady behind the store and shouted WHEATUS which she just nodded at and we were both so excited!!

We went in and found aspot to stand, it was but the side of the stage but we saw everything. We had brought a handful of drinks so we would not have to go to bar (but maybe the toilet) and waited for the show the start.

When Wheatus entered the stage I could not of been happier! I was more excited about seeing them than Busted, it was a great unplanned surprise

I had a little too much to drink, danced and jumped way to much and after, while waiting for the train, went clubbing with a tote bag full of Busted and Wheatus merchandise from the concert it was fab.


Saturday 22nd January myself, my partner, sister, brother-in-law and mum surprised my dad with a weekend away in Rome for my Dad’s 60th birthday and I have never been more excited about visiting a country (well I visited Florida when I was 9 and I was probably just as excited then). We saw some beautiful sites and made amazing memories.

While sitting in the airport we showed my Dad a Rome travel guide which is when he presented us with an envelope which he had written a guess at where we were going at the beginning of the week. It turned out not to be much of a surprise as during a car journey with my mum she had, without realising, mentioned about our trip to Rome, to which we all laughed. Apparently at the time it was mentioned he did not know about us planning to take him away and was very confused at what she had meant.

The food was fantastic, I did not have a bad meal once and the sites were beautiful! Everywhere you looked there was something you did not want to miss. I am definitely going to return there one day.

We visited The Vatican City, Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, The Mouth of Truth and many many more. The Vatican was amazing it was so big and beautiful with so much history, I will say though at one point I did not think we were going to get out. My favourite part was the Colosseum, it was magical being somewhere that I had learnt so much about in school and being able to see something and remembering everything that I had been told it was great . If or when I go back to Rome I would definitely spend more time at the Colosseum and ensure I took everything in.

It was a perfect start to 2016.


Myself and my partner at the end of the year decided to have a weeks holiday as we had not had time off together that much over the year so we booked a weeks holiday to Amadores Beach, Gran Canaria and it was a holiday I would never forget. 

We have been on holiday to Gran Canaria for the last 3 years and wanting to try somewhere knew decided we would stick with Gran Canaria as we knew where we were going and new what we would want to do as we were only going away for 7 days and would rather have 14 days visiting somewhere new. 

We arrived at a lovely hotel unpacked and went for food at Ciao Beach and watched the sunset, it was lovely. Having been up since 2am went back to the hotel and was in bed and asleep by 7pm and woke at around 7am the next morning feeling very refreshed.

We had a lovely relaxing day on the balcony sunbathing and in the evening walked along the beach and went for something to eat, Dan wanted to go down to beach and watch the sunset again but due to having to do my makeup I was not ready in time, Oops. after a lovely meal we went back to the hotel and sat on the balcony drinking sangria (my favourite holiday cocktail). While sitting on the balcony Dan brought a little red box, to my complete shock, and asked me to marry him which I replied YES!!!

I was so excited and just sat looking at the ring, apparently I looked like Gollum. We both sent messages and photos to our families to let them know although they were all aware as Dan had spoken to them before we left :).

It was a beautiful surprising holiday with to much food and alcohol but overall very relaxing which we wanted it to be and it will be a holiday I will not forget.

So yes I am now engaged to be married, we are both saving to buy a home together so we know the wedding will not be around the corner but it is something we can both look forward to and begin planning together.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoyed my favourite parts of 2016!