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At the beginning of the year I went to Rome for my Dads 60th birthday and on the way home I was looking around the airport when I come across the Geurlain Meteorites Base. It looked so lovely and I just new I had to add it to my makeup collection.

It is a gel formula and  I think it smells like the sweets palm or violets, I love it, once applied to the face and given time to dry it has a very smooth finish. It has bits of glitter within the gel which gives a very soft glow to the skin.

The product does not cover all of my imperfections as I do suffer with spots so require some sort of concealer but it does help even out some of my acne scaring and uneven skin tones.


I had never heard of Geurlain before and I really wish I had as from this primer it has become my favourite makeup brand. I felt so lucky as a few days after buying this I went into  a local drug store in my town called Chave and Jacksons which sells different types of makeup brands and spotted a Geurlain stand which had not been there for very long. I  have tried other Geurlain products since and loved them all as much.

This product is pricey but totally worth it, you only need one pump and it applies evenly to your face and the bottle lasts up to six or seven months. I am currently on my second bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing this again again. I love it.