Always Disney To Start


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I recently went out with my lovely sister and we started it of by listening to Disney music!! We both love Disney and, like most, were brought up watching all the films with certain ones becoming our favourites.

We had done our hair and make up and had started our pre drinks and nothing would go better with this than some music, so popped on our Disney playlist. Yes myself 24 and Sophie 29 have got a Disney playlist with over 200 songs on. It really made us happy and ready for our night dancing and singing along, we even took on separate characters by singing their parts.

I would always recommend a Disney playlist to start the night as you can guarantee that there will always be a song that someone knows and it will make you feel happy!!





Hello all and welcome to my blog!!

I have decided to start a blog and talk about all the things I love. I am going to start off by telling you all a little about myself, my name is Molly, which you may have realised, and I live in a pretty little town called Hereford.

I enjoy reading and I am currently rereading all of the Harry Potter books. I Love everything to do with makeup that it is has become an obsession!!

I’m going to leave it there for now as I do not want to bore you to much and I am not quite sure what else to say.

Hope you enjoy all of my future blogs.